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Pasco teacher arrested for DUI

Pasco elementary teacher charged with DUI

PALM HARBOR — A Pasco County elementary special needs teacher has been charged with driving under the influence and failing to stop at a red light after authorities say she caused an accident early Sunday morning.

According to a report, 30-year-old Jennifer

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New Pursuit Policy Announced by Pinellas Sheriff

14-045 Sheriff Bob Gualtieri Announces Major Revisions To Sheriff’s

Office Pursuit Policy

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office
Patrol Operations Bureau

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri today announced major changes to General Order 15-2, Pursuit Operation of Sheriff’s Office Vehicles.…

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Pinellas DUI arrest up

DUI arrests rebounding since Pinellas restored sheriff’s DUI unit

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri hopes the number of DUI-related crashes will begin to decrease.

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri hopes the number of DUI-related crashes will begin to decrease.

CLEARWATER — In 1987, Robert Aho was driving home when he was struck by a

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New Law Regarding DUI Suspension July 2013

As of July 2013, a person who is arrested for a first time DUI (no prior DUI’s) and who signs up for DUI School within 10 days of the arrest can get a hardship license immediately. They must go to a DMV hearing office within the 10 days with proof of signing up for the …

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General Information about a Pasco DUI Charge

Arrested for a Pasco County DUI? 

Then you need to talk with a Pasco DUI Attorney who is experienced and knows about Pasco DUI.

** You have only 10 days from the date of arrest to request a formal review hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles to contest your immediate license suspension and attempt …
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March 2013 DUI operations Pasco Sheriff’s Office

Enhanced Enforcement Location Calendar
February / March 2013



Enforcement Activity

Enforcement Areas

Feb 4 – Feb 17 1 Speed & Aggressive Driving
Enforcement/DUI Wolf Packs Hudson, Port Richey MOC 2-15-13
Feb 18 – Mar 3 2 Enhanced Traffic Enforcement
& DUI Saturation Patrols Dade City, Zephyrhills
Mar 4 – Mar 17 3 …

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Pasco County Felony DUI


A DUI can become a felony if it is the third DUI conviction and the previous conviction is within 10 years. A fourth DUI conviction is also classified as a felony.


A DUI involving serious bodily injury to another is a felony of the third degree regardless of …

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